About Amreborn

AmReborn project – Reinventing old items was cherished by Amlily more than a year ago, when Amlily made the first silk bags. Also fabric, silk, Amlily immediately thought of a commemorative fabric of her own family – a commemorative cloth. That is why the AmReborn project was born with the desire to restore/reuse the memorabilia – heirlooms filled with memories of the previous generation for the next generation in a new modern – convenient – economical way. but still keep the precious old memories…

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By using old fabrics, old items such as blankets, shirts, pants, skirts,…Amlily tries to use as much as possible to recycle.

With her previous experience in designing handmade bags and wallets, Amlily will process the fabrics so that they can be recycled into purses with the right shape and size and according to the recycler’s wishes.

Sincerely thank customers for supporting and cheering for AmReborn campaign, we will do our best to make the project spread and develop more.

Founder Lily Hoàng

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More creative work

And the results were unexpected, Amlily’s recycled products received everyone’s love, words of encouragement, encouragement and joining hands in the AmReborn campaign made Amlily’s team feel infinitely more invigorated. a lot of energy and spirit to successfully complete the project.

Journey from the early days


  • The love of beauty combined with creativity has led Lily Hoang to this job
    The beginning was just pursuing a passion, and with time it crystallized into a profession that created products known to the public.
  • Especially, the products that are more creative and environmentally friendly are valuable in the international market
  • Amreborn is the result of an endless process of effort


Amrebon’s products are not only welcomed by the domestic market, but more importantly, are supported by developed countries, especially the US and Western markets.

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